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About Us

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We get asked all the time....

What made you decide to move to the beach? 

GREAT question. 

We have been married for 23 years. We started our family young and began the adoption process for our 2nd child before Erica had even turned 23 years old. After moving to Nashville, and once Jayda came home, our lives were never the same. In the years to come, we opened a care center for neglected children across the world, and launched an adoption program to help place orphaned/abandoned children in Sierra Leone. We shared the story and engaged hundreds of people across the US to help support and grow the program. It was daunting to say the least. While building that non-profit, Erica and I also worked other jobs. I was in sales and she was building a career in the music business. Eventually our family grew again through adoption, and ultimately we became a family of 8. Raising so many kids came with challenges of course... and for years we were living a life of pure chaos. Eventually Erica started a side business in skin care that turned into a life changing opportunity. It allowed me to step away from my career and give my time to my kids... never missing a moment. During those years 30A was our safe zone... a place of comfort we grew attached to as we navigated the waters of family and orphan care. Our most special memories as a family happened on 30A. We would escape there as often as we could. As the kids got older, Erica and I would talk about what it would be like to sell everything in Nashville and eventually move to the beach... where we could breathe for a change, creating a family home our kids would always want to come back to... a place they could also make memories as they began building families of their own.

Fast forward to 2020...

little did we know the world would come undone...

and right before it did, we did exactly what we always talked about.

We decided to slow the pace... to sell everything...

simplify our lives and move to the beautiful beaches of 30A. 

It's been an interesting year with Covid in play... but even despite those challenges, our move has been everything we hoped it would be. We have pushed the reset button as I like to call it. Erica prefers to call it the next chapter in our story... either way, it's been quite a ride and we can't wait to watch it all unfold. 

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