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Bucket List Week

For years our family would travel to 30A for our vacations. Going somewhere else was never even an option we considered. We all knew nothing could compete with this area. That being said, I always wanted to celebrate the holidays here but it just never happened. Once we moved down my first thought was "Oh my gosh! We get to have Christmas on 30A... FINALLY!"

Of course now that most of the kids are out on their own.... getting them all down here at the same time was a challenge. There were moments I didn't think it was gonna happen. I was such a basket case! I had so many meltdowns leading up to Christmas. I guess it was bound to happen. Between Covid, moving, seeing 4 kids leave the nest, 1 getting married... I was bound to have the emotional breakdown at some point... and when it was mentioned that some of the kids may not make it down.... the epic breakdown of the century happened. Haha!

I bawled my eyes out to my oldest daughter... "PLEASE do NOT do this to me! I just want all my kids here for Christmas!!!" She talked me down... told me it would all work out... she would make sure it all came together... and it did. Eventually the kids managed to work it all out. It was the first time we had all been in the same house together in over a year.

The first few days were AMAZING. Willa was in Heaven having all her siblings home... Every single time I caught a view of her she was hugging or kissing someone... a total giggle box. It made my heart so happy to see her so joyful.

Then once everyone settled in, well it got interesting...

It's funny how quickly our kids change as they grow into adulthood. The level of independence, the need for their personal space, their unwillingness to budge...haha... whether it was politics, games of monopoly, or just cooking dinner.... the kids debated, argued, and teased their way through every single day.... it was hilarious but also EXHAUSTING! When you have 6 kids with such different personalities it's always a toss up on how the day will go. Thankfully the coast offers us the outdoors to escape to! We had so much fun biking, hiking, fishing at the beach- it all made for a really special week. Did we have our moments? YES!!! Family isn't perfect but it's perfectly woven to withstand the crazy of life... and I am so thankful for that.

A few photos from my bucket list week.... now onto 2021. It's gonna be a ride!

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