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Busy Summer!

Wow it's crazy how quickly the last few months have flown by. It's been ages since I've been here in this space. No excuse, except that life happens to all of us!

Jason has been so busy with real estate. The market is fire hot down here and it keeps him pretty covered up these days.

Capri started a new job and I think she is finally starting to settle in here on 30A.It took a minute! She also participated in her first art walk. It was so neat to see here there at her own booth sharing the stories behind her paintings. I was one proud mama for sure!

Willa is as busy as she's always been. We decided to keep school going through the summer to help her gain a little more practice where she needs it. SO she still spends some time everyday online.... but she did finally welcome her new favorite furry friend to the family. A ragdoll kitten she named Flora. Willa has an obsession with cats. Always has. She has been begging for a kitty as long as I can remember.... after a few months of hard family transitions and struggles....we finally gave in. Felt like it was the perfect time to get her mind on something just for her... that would bring back a little extra joy to the home.

As we head into the rest of June I feel a little more on track. We will be updating this blog with more spots to eat, things to do, and real estate we think is just FAB! So stay tuned!!


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