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We Have an Artist on Our Hands!

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

I wish were sitting face to face right now... sharing stories over coffee... that way I'd have the time to tell you about Capri.

Eventually she will share her own story and I will patiently wait for her to find that courage.... until then I can't help but be the doting parent.

You see, she was supposed to fit into the statistics shoved down our throats when we were adopting our older kids. She would never transition. Too much trauma. Too much risk. She may never learn to express herself or be able to show love.... WOW. I will tell you this... not every kid fits stats... or boxes... some actually shatter the ceilings of those boxes they are placed inside. If you only knew Capri... haha! This girl is the over communicator in our family. She loves with such fierce intensity... her loyalty is unmatched and damn can she ever love with that big heart of hers.

In our giant family she didn't always get our best. I guess that's one of the hard things about having so many kids. You basically spread yourself thin as parents and spend most your time putting out fires... making sure they all just stay alive and learn something along the way.

When we left Nashville, we knew it would be a HUGE change. We were leaving 4 kids behind...all grown and starting their own lives. Only Capri and Willa would come with us. It felt strange at first.... but it's really been a beautiful season. We have been able to really focus in on the girls and give them that extra attention they need during such a big change in our lives.

For Capri 2020 has been about finishing her senior year and launching her artwork. She has big dreams. She wants to paint here, open her own art studio, and tell her story through paintbrush and canvas. I can't wait to watch it all unfold.

You can see some of her recent art by visiting

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