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Cowgirl Kitchen Still a Family Favorite

We've been visiting 30A and calling it our family vacay spot for the last 15 years. It wasn't until this last year we decided to move to 30A and call it home. The transition definitely causes one to rethink their "favorites"... what used to be our "spot" isn't necessarily always the case now. We are in that place where hunting for what the "locals" love is our new pastime... even so... some spots remain trusted and true... whether you are a visitor or a permanent resident...

Cowgirl Kitchen is one of those spots. Yes they have a few locations, but the Rosemary Beach location remains our favorite for so many reasons....

Let's start with the staff. Once you start coming more often... they are quick to learn faces and names and make you feel like family. Nancy, is one of my favorite people on the planet and YES she started out as our waitress... and now is one of the smiles I look forward to seeing as often as I can.

I know, I know.... you want me to get to the food... DANG where do I start... their menu is YUMMM!! My favorite appetizer is the Machita Dip. It comes loaded with diced jalapenos and chorizo sausage covered in queso with chopped scallions and tomatoes... Oh my goodness it will blow your mind!!

Pair it with their solo cup margaritas or one of their other yummy cocktails.

Take it to the next level by ordered their shredded chicken nachos... BE STILL MY HEART. (Ask for extra queso).

Their pizzas are insanely yummy and I am honestly NOT a pizza fan. SO this is saying alot. If you have gluten sensitivity you can swap for a cauliflower crust. 2 people can easily split one... my favorite is "The Standard"... there is something about banana peppers on a pizza that makes me really happy!

They also have GREAT breakfast tacos and burritos! Known for their Bloody Mary's and morning Mimosas to go... an early morning walk on the beach... is one of my favorite things to do while strolling Rosemary.

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