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Edwards- The Perfect Date Night

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Before moving to 30A, Edwards was our fav date night spot when we'd visit. We would order the kids pizza from Bronzini's and then we would escape!

Jason loves a good whiskey cocktail, and even though Edwards only offers wine and beer, they do manage to create some yummy wine infused options... like this mule you see here!

We love to sit out in the courtyard under the string lights. Sometimes they will play silent movies on the brick walls around us... and even better are the nights they have live music. Sometimes if you're lucky you can catch the sax player who makes you wanna stay, listen, sip, and eat forever!

Their crab cakes are great. Their brussels and mac & Cheese will be something you wrap up and take home if you don't finish them all. right there on the spot!

I also LOVE their Arugula Salad.

Interested in dessert? Well to be honest I've never made it that far! I eat SO much when Im there I never have space left for that! haha ;) But I'll try my best next time to give it a shot and I'll let ya know!

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