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HAPPY Hour on 30A

We are always looking for a good one. Let's be honest... food is expensive here. If your buying for a family and decide to have a sit down dinner somewhere... you will spend a small fortune. Quite a few spots ONLY offer happy hour at the bar... which is fine if it's just a few friends or a date night... but our kiddos like to tag along... SO... this means we have to get creative so we don't break the bank!

Amici's is an Italian spot right behind Rosemary Beach inside the 30 Avenue Complex. The food really is GREAT... their happy hour... even better.

The pizzas are about 1/2 the price during happy hour. $10 and you'll make an adult very happy... and 2 kiddos can easily split one! Their pastas are also YUM! Several are also about 1/2 price as well between 3-6PM! This happy hour runs 7 days a week.... EVEN BETTER!

Their cocktails are YUM... and so are their appetizers. Make sure to try the ravioli stick, the meatballs, and the Brussels Sprouts!

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