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It's Been a Minute

I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted last. No excuse except that life took over. It was a crazy summer for us. For me it was filled with trips overseas, a lot of back and forth to Nashville, homeschool, and of course I fell down the stairs at a women's retreat I was hosting here in Inlet Beach. It's been a slow road to recovery... keeping me off my feet most of the time. For Jason, he's been slammed with his real estate clients. He takes such good care of everyone... I see why he has so many and why he loves the job so much. He's helping people make dreams come true... that's a pretty solid gig :)

Capri is busy with her art and her work... like every 18 year old... she wants to get on her own so she is saving saving saving.

Willa is finding herself too. She has found a love for baking of all things and desperately wants to open her own tent at the weekend farmers market in Rosemary Beach. Looks like we have another entrepreneur on our hands!

I have info I can't wait to share on many local restaurants here on 30A... so be watching for those soon! We will also be sharing more hoes on the market, if you see something you like, act FAST! Let us know... they don't sit long around here. :)

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