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It's been a year.....

A year ago.... we had just sold our house... everything inside it... and we were making plans to load up the few possessions we had left and were headed to FL to close on our new home. We were days away from closing when Covid hit. Our bank froze all lending and our plans went up in smoke.

We moved into a short term vacation rental and took a few weeks to breathe. We eventually found a long term rental... deciding that since so much was up in the air around us and we had no idea how long Covid would affect life... we would just hunker down and sit tight... waiting for all the smoke to clear....

Im used to that. Waiting on the smoke to clear. That's been the story of our lives. Marrying so young, starting an orphanage across the world, losing a child, adopting and raising a VERY large family.... lets just say there have been many seasons in life where we felt the fire around us was stronger than the fight within us...

But we always managed to come through on the other side.

It's been a year of many changes since moving away. Our oldest moved out and got married, then the next three also moved out and started their lives. Most of them are doing well.... one has lost their way and it's been crippling.

In the meantime, between all the change, we have found ourselves living in one of the most serene and beautiful places in the United States. Homeschooling is easier here... maybe it's the daily walks on the beach or the morning bike rides... it just seems that with all the smoke around us... all the hardship... I tend to breathe easier here.

Sometimes I forget that God has a plan... it isn't mine. It never is. I fight for control... he gives it... and then I quickly hand him back the reins when I realize I can't do it my way after all.

Here... on 30A... I see him in so many places. His breathe sways the trees... his power controls the waves...his heart beats in the little things I never saw before moving here.

I'm ready for Covid to go away like everyone else... but I am thankful for what it's teaching me. This life will never be something we can control... all we can do is live inside it... under the roof of hope and make the very best of the piece of the world we are blessed to live in.

This next year... hasn't started out easy... but I'm hopeful it will have it's share of beautiful moments along the way... and I am HERE FOR IT.

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