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Mexican on 30A

I'll be honest, it's REALLY hard to find good mexican food on 30A. We are used to so many amazing spots in Nashville, it's been one of the hardest parts of the move! I am the kind who needs chips and guac every single week!

Amigo's (sister to Amici's) in 30Avenue has been around for a minute and serves some INCREDIBLE margaritas. You won't go wrong there! The atmosphere is inviting and fun. They also have great salsa, a solid guacamole game, and their burritos are yum. I have to say though.... I am not a huge fan of the chips. They are thicker than I am used to... and with the prices sitting a little high on the rest of the food... we don't go very often... BUT when I can't take another day without my fix... you will find me there.

My hope is they change up their chip recipe... and then I am ALLLLL IN.

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