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Sometimes I Pinch Myself.

First, because I still cannot believe this child is mine. I told her tonight at dinner that I truly believe she was an angel sent from Heaven to save me... some day when she is old enough she will know the whole story behind how she lost her parents... and how I lost my daughter... and how God helped us find each other... but some of that is still just a little too heavy for a 9 year old to process... so for now she gets to hear all the beautiful parts of our story.

The beautiful parts include this place... 30A. I was going back through old photos today and found this little gem... her first family vacation after coming home... she was scared to death of the water and would only sit still and not run for the hills if she had food in her hand. So food she got.... we packed more snacks than we did toys... haha!

Eventually she learned to swim like a fish and her love for the beach and water in general grew. I always tell people Willa is living her best life here on 30A now that we have moved her here full time.

Here we are... years later and she gets to visit her favorite place on Earth all the time.

She wakes up every single day with a smile. NO EXAGGERATION. She does. Ask anyone. It's almost weird! She bike rides, does her school work, and then we head to the beach. Now as it's getting colder, instead of swim time, we load up our chairs and she does her reading time down on the sand. She grabs a book from her Amelia Bedelia series and we both just sit... and read. It's glorious. She hunts for shells and we watch for cranes. We talk about life and how much Jesus loves us.

I think the hardest part... is she has yet to find friends. We have met a few kiddos that stay here part time... but most kids come only for vacation... and since she is homeschooled and with Covid constantly looming... it's made making new friends this year pretty hard. But it will come! Hoping 2021 makes things a little easier and she can finally join the yoga class she has been dying to go to... yep... you heard me right... she wants to join yoga. HAHA! Ya know I'm all for it. If she can learn balance, self care, and make friends... all at 9 years old... she may have a way easier time growing up and rolling with what life throws at her. ;)

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