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Sundog Books

When we used to come down to 30A for vacation every year, one of my favorite memories every time we would travel...was stopping in at Sundog Books in Seaside. Jason, all the kids, and even myself would spend ages roaming the aisles.... each picking out books to take to the beach for the week. It wasn't often we made it to a real bookstore or even a library for that matter.... so it felt special in it's own way. Most of the books on my shelf today are from trips to Seaside.... and I love that.

Since moving here, I try to take Willa down to my favorite little bookstore as often as I can. Sure I could just snag what we need from Amazon... and sometimes when life is extra busy...we do just that.... but again- There is something special about walking through the doors of Sundog.

They have a little of everything... for everyone... not to mention a record store upstairs that's eclectic and fun... make sure to stop by next time you're on 30A. You'll be so glad you did!

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