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The Pearl. A Timeless Getaway.

We get asked all the time about hotels in the area... where can you find them along 30A? First, I'll start by saying that is not the vibe 30A was after when it began building along the coast so many years ago... the miles of coastline is scattered with cottages and homes... it's rare to ever see a high rise. But you will see homes....small and supersized... depending on your vacay needs. There are 2 hotels along 30A that fit in perfectly with the landscape and create a perfect getaway for two....

Today we will focus on The Pearl. A hotel that sits smack dab in the center of Rosemary Beach.

We have stayed at this boutique hotel many times over the years and I can honestly say it creates a memorable experience you will want to revisit over and over.

It's a stone's throw to the water and the gulf views are untouchable. The rooms are designed for comfort and luxury. The food is an experience all on it's own... and the Smoked Old Fashioned's are a MUST. Live music fills the bar in the evenings... not to mention they also host a rooftop restaurant that has great appetizers, fire pits, and more views of the gulf. You also have a spa right outside your door with a pool area that is DIVINE. It's truly an escape from the rest of the world and worth every penny.

You are within walking distance to some of the best cuisine on 30A, not to mention boutique shopping that will fill your trunk if you're not careful! Grab a bicycle to explore... no need to take your car anywhere once you've checked in.

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