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This Lesson Can't be Taught in the Classroom.

When Monday rolled around this last week, I just WAS NOT feeling it. Willa wasn't either... I think one more day in front of a computer screen may have killed us both. We decided to skip virtual learning and took ourselves on a day trip down the coast. I will be posting a blog soon with all the details to keep in mind when tripping to St George Island... but today... It's about the lessons we learn from our kids.

Willa and I LOVE to go to St George Island because the shelling and wildlife is next to none. We can entertain ourselves for hours and honestly... I wish we had a place there. It's absolute tranquility.

Anyway, back to the lesson.

We were hunting for shells and Willa continued to bring me these giant shells that were broken... not a single one was whole. She knows the "game" is to find the ones completely in tact, and the most unique... So I finally said,

"Willa, honey, you keep bringing me these broken shells. We don't want broken shells, just the perfect ones."

To which she replied,

"Mom EVERY shell is perfect, that why I keep picking these up. Even though they're broken they are JUST as pretty as the rest."

ANNNNNND there ya have it my friends. Of course she saw the beauty in the broken. And of COURSE we brought all the broken shells home too.

I mean it when I say that the most valuable lessons we can teach our children are many times outside of the lesson plan and the classroom. And sometimes in those moments, we as parents, learn the most.

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